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24th April 2017
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Dick Whittington by Alan Frayn

Produced by Nick Evans & James Mathers

The City is overrun with rats and the people of London are wondering how on earth they will get rid of them!  Life is grim and people of London are afraid.  What is happening?  Where are they all coming from?

Underground in London’s sewers the Rat King is using black magic for his own evil schemes but meanwhile, Dick Whittington a poor orphan boy is off to London to seek his fortune enticed by a rumour that the streets are paved with gold.   Alas his dream is soon shattered when he finds himself cold, hungry and very alone.

Just as he feels like giving up Dick meets a very extraordinary cat and together they experience adventures abound, meeting an array of characters good, bad and weird along the way including Dick’s dream girl.

But will Dick succeed in his quest and become Lord Mayor of London?

Join us at the Woodcote Village Hall to find out!


  • Saturday 28 January 2017        2:15 pm  and 7:30 pm
  • Sunday 29 January 2017          2:15 pm
  • Friday 3 February 2017        7:30 pm
  • Saturday 4 February 2017  2:15 pm and  7.30 pm

For Tickets – Telephone 01491 680573 or email NOW!

Evening performances – Adults and Children – £8.00
Matinee performances – Adults £8.00 Children – £5.00

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