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10th January 2017
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7th August 2017
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Valentines Day Murder by Karen Ince

Produced by Terry Sopp & Marcia Spiers

The date is February 14th 1926. Welcome to “Jackie D’s Soft Drinks”, a famous speakeasy in prohibition Chicago.

This high-class establishment is owned and run by Abe Bernstein, the oldest of the four Bernstein brothers, and the leader of the infamous Purple Gang – a gang that had previously operated in Detroit.

Also in Chicago at this time are the Southside Gang (Al Capone), the Northside Gang (Bugs Moran) and a bunch of hoodlums who call themselves Egan’s Rats.

Tensions are high as each gang is jockeying for position and perhaps even rumblings from within the Purple Gangs own ranks.

Come on down and chew the fat with us before someone get clipped!


  • Thursday 18 May 2017        7:30 pm
  • Friday       19 May 2017        7:30 pm
  • Saturday  20 May 2017       7:30 pm

For Tickets – Telephone 01491 680573 or email NOW!

Ticket Price – £12.50

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